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A Lint Roller Is All You Need To Clean Your Lampshades
A lint roller can remove stubborn dust particles and hairs from your lampshades with just one to two swipes. This hack works best on cloth lampshades, and here's how to do it.
Remove the lampshade from its lamp base, which will make rolling it easier since you can turn the shade in your hands and angle it up or down to see the wayward hairs or dust.
Test how your lint roller will react on your lampshade
by rolling it in a small, inconspicuous spot to see if it leaves behind any residue or tugs at the fabric too hard.
Grab a fresh lint roller, hold it horizontally, and maneuver it up and down the shade in small sections. Going twice up the length of the shade should be enough.
If it has been some time between cleanings, go upwards of five times. If your lampshade is extremely dirty, tear off a new sheet once the roller fills with dust.
If the lampshade has sewn seams at the top and bottom, angle the roller vertically and roll it into the seam's crevices to pick up the lodged dirt.