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A Look At How HGTV Stars Have Styled Their Own Homes Over The Years
By House Digest Staff
Chip and Joanna
Chip and Joanna Gaines have taken farmhouse chic to the next level with their Crawford, Texas home, which has a kitchen with dark green cabinets and open shelves.
The living room has a brick fireplace, steel chandelier, and an antique built-in bookcase. Elsewhere, barn-style white walls are accented by black-framed patio doors.
Hilary Farr
Hilary Farr's home boasts pristine interiors, favoring whites and creams in the living room, with a sideboard, a vintage mirror, and white sofas accented by throws.
Sliding doors from the front space open to Farr's enormous kitchen and dining area. Outside, a patio drops down to a row of paving stones, leading to a sanctuary-like garden space.
Scott McGillivray
McGillivray's home favors gray and white colors. The kitchen has an island separating it from the living space, which has a high ceiling and full-length windows.
There's also a fully equipped bar, and the master suite has a fireplace and multiple seating zones. From the walk-in closet to wife Sabrina's "femme-den," this house has it all.
Nicole Curtis
Curtis gained ownership of a 1908 foursquare in Detroit after a legal battle. When the home is complete, it will likely reflect Curtis' signature style.
One can envisage farmhouse chic, wooden floors and features, and cozy, intimate lighting highlighting the natural architecture of the house, as seen across her various properties.
Egypt Sherrod
Sherrod's house features gray interiors throughout. It also has a den, with light furniture offsetting the darker paneled walls and a huge statement mirror.
There's also a cozy patio overlooking a pool adorned with sun loungers and two waterfalls. Sherrod has even designed a meditation space out of a storage closet.