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A Real Estate Expert On Choosing The Best Door For A Home's Curb Appeal
Joy Aumann, a licensed realtor and interior designer, highlights in an interview with House Digest the crucial role front doors play in enhancing a home's visual appeal.
Aumann says that different types of exterior doors can elevate a home's aesthetic, stating, “the front door truly sets the tone for the whole home.”
She highlights the importance of materials, stating, “Glass doors allow natural light to flood inside,” and “traditional wood paneling exudes classic charm.”
Aumann says “Thoughtful details contribute greatly too,” so don’t overlook subtle details. “Nice lighting, polished hardware, and decorative flourishes” uplift a home as well.
Choosing the right front door involves considering your home's style and finding a balance between trendy options like glass, metal, and wood paneling.
Glass and metal suit modern houses, while wood panels are ideal for traditional homes like cottages or Victorians, enhancing dark colors like seafoam green or royal blue.