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A Realtor Shares Why Tile Flooring Is A Major Turn-off For Home Buyers
According to San Diego-based realtor Amy Cook, one reason many home buyers turn away from properties with tile flooring is because tile is really tricky to extract and replace.
Cook said, “Tile is very difficult and expensive to change, and often what owners choose just isn't very attractive. Basic white, dated tile is usually a big turn-off for buyers.”
For those in colder climates, tile flooring does not make sense since it has a quick rate of heat conductivity, meaning our body heat transfers to the tile almost immediately.
Buyers in chilly climates with tile may be forced to wear socks around the house or increase their heating bill, but socks drag dirt, and the HVAC budget could be spent elsewhere.
If the grout lines in tiles, which create the flooring’s grooves, are not cleaned regularly and thoroughly, they can collect moisture and mold, giving off an unkempt look.
While it's possible to seal white grout when installed to help minimize cleaning, this is an added cost many home buyers would rather not take on.
Many tile varieties, beyond black and white ceramic, come with specific palettes and design embellishments that only work with particular furniture styles and colors.
Home buyers take issue with the visual limitations of tile flooring, and given how costly and hard tile is to replace, this can be a deal breaker for budget-conscious buyers.