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A Smart Valet System Is The Answer To More Storage In Your IKEA Closet
Whether your closet is overflowing or you're simply looking for genius closet storage hacks, valet rods might be the perfect solution to your storage problems.
By attaching them to the sides of your IKEA closet shelves or directly onto a wall, you instantly create an extendable rack that can house tons of different items.
Valet rods are available in a variety of affordable options, but it’s important to first figure out what kind of rod you want to install and what will work best with your closet.
A retractable option, for instance, is ideal if you don’t want extra storage that's visible or in the way, and the sleek design allows you to hang items on it for easy access.
Consider the IKEA Komplement that sports individual hangers on a rack so that your items can face inward to keep them disguised but still handy.
Alternatively, the IKEA Komplement Valet Hanger is both unassuming and compact and can be attached to a corner of your shelving for extra hanger space.
While a lot of IKEA shelving pieces come with pre-drilled holes that you can add these to, you can also drill your valet rod directly into your fixtures or walls to secure them.