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Achieve Floor-To-Ceiling Shelves With IKEA's Billy Bookcase Hack
TikTok user (@literary_delight) Ali's husband built floor-to-ceiling shelves using Billy Bookcases from IKEA. He also included trim from Lowe's to make the shelves look connected.
To recreate Ali's shelving unit, you will need three 31-inch Billy Bookcases, two 15-inch Billy Bookcases, and trim to complete the project.
Using IKEA's Billy Bookcases makes setting up the shelves easy and fast, as you only need to follow the instruction manual to assemble the bookcases.
Ali and her husband used five Billy Bookcases to fit the length of her home office’s wall; however, everyone's walls are different, so tailor the bookcases to your
wall's size.
Ali's husband measured and sawed the trim to fit the top and bottom borders. Then, he caulked the holes to create a seamless look, so the shelving looked as if it was built-in.
While the bookcases have specific holes to situate the shelves, Ali's husband customized the shelves, so you can play around with the shelving placement to suit your needs as well.
Once you assemble all of the parts, decorate your shelves with everything your heart desires. Fill it with books, picture frames, small plants, display vases, or lamps.