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Add Bonus Countertop Space With Martha Stewart's Clever Shelf Hack
One of the most important tips Martha Stewart offers is adding a shelf to your kitchen to get items off your cooking surfaces but keeping them accessible.
By installing a shelf 22 inches above the counter rather than 18 inches, you won’t feel overwhelmed by utensils and ingredients directly in your way.
In a YouTube video, Stewart shows cupboards featuring glass fronts, which produce the feeling of more space in the kitchen and keep her from losing items deep within the cupboard.
Her lower cabinets each have a job, and can be used to store cleaning products, large pans, cutlery, accessories, and even more ingredients.
If you have a kitchen island, Stewart recommends installing multiple pull-out racks beneath the island counter for even more storage. This will keep your kitchen tidy and open.
Utilize every inch of storage in your kitchen, from cabinets to drawers, to keep your main surfaces free, which in turn will make the kitchen look more tidy and open.