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Add Counter Space To Your Kitchen With This Laundry Room Essential
If you’ve got nowhere to put anything when cooking, a simple way to create extra counter space in your kitchen is to use what’s already in your laundry room — an ironing board.
Just remove its cover, disinfect the metal grid, and cover it with a cloth or liner to prevent it from getting dirty and staining your clothes when you use it again for ironing.
An ironing board can tolerate hot items and doesn’t take up much space. Plus, its height can be adjusted, and you can easily replace its cover and store it away again.
Use it as a cooling rack for your baked goods or a side table for holding cutlery, glasses, napkins, and drinks for dinner parties. Simply cover the board with a cute tablecloth.
However, this is a temporary solution and shouldn't be used for food preparation. Also, as the board has unstable legs, exercise caution, especially if you've got children or pets.