A snake on a garden plant
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Add Marigolds To Your Garden To Keep Snakes Away Naturally
When it comes to hacks to keep snakes out of your garden, there are many options. One of these options includes growing marigolds, which can keep snakes
from lurking in your yard.
Marigolds produce a phototoxin called α-terthienyl (alpha-terthienyl), which results in a strong odor snakes can’t stand. The stench can reach wherever a snake burrows and hides.
There are around 56 kinds of marigolds; however, you'll want to grow either French or American marigolds to keep unwanted snakes away from your yard.
The French group includes Disco Queen Marigolds, Durango Red Marigolds, Little Devil Fire Marigolds, Striped Marvel Marigolds, and Yellow Gate Marigolds.
Snake-repelling American marigolds include Crackerjack African Marigolds, Discovery Orange Marigolds, Discovery Yellow Marigolds, and Taishan Gold African Marigolds.
To keep marigolds strong and healthy, which helps them continuously produce flowers and the smell that repels snakes, deadhead them whenever necessary throughout the season.