Brightly colored Mexican plant pot
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Add More Color To Your Garden With These Stunning Mexican Flower Pots
Colorful Mexican pottery (or Talavera) is a great way to brighten your outdoor space. These all-weather containers are perfect for cacti, succulents, agave, and yucca plants.
These vibrant pots are perfect for growing foxtail ferns in full or partial shade and ponytail palms in warm climates. Planting dwarf lemon trees will create a pretty contrast.
Many flowering plants look beautiful in Talavera, such as geraniums. Chili peppers are also a gorgeous option, even when they're not producing peppers.
Your green plants will look great in the pottery in any area where you need a burst of color. They can be clustered together in container gardens or as accents around your yard.
Handmade Talavera pottery certified by the Mexican government can be pricey. Machine-made pots range from $40 to $180 and come in a variety of sizes to suit your outdoor needs.