Small TV stand with clutter
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Add More Storage To
Your Living Room With
This TV Stand Alternative
In small homes, a TV stand with open cubbies, glass doors, or no storage can create lots of visual clutter. The solution is to trade your TV stand for an item with closed storage.
An innovative alternative is a bedroom dresser. Because dressers typically have large drawers, they're perfect for hiding away possessions and increasing your storage space.
Apart from TV remotes, DVDs, video game consoles, and blankets, you can also pack toys, seasonal clothes, paperwork, books, stationery, or board games to keep your space tidy.
You can often find dressers more cheaply at thrift stores and yard sales. Focus on the size and shape of the piece and not the color or hardware, as these can easily be updated.
The dresser should be wider than your TV even if it’s mounted on the wall. It must fit well in the chosen area and not crammed into a corner, as this would make it seem too large.
For safety, attach the dresser to the wall and anchor the TV to prevent it toppling over when drawers are opened. Add plants, photos, or vases, or keep it clear and clutter free.