Before and after, a man almost finished painting a deck.
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Add Sand To Paint Before Painting For A Safer Porch
A new coat of paint can improve your porch, but mixing sand into the paint can make all the difference. This offers multiple benefits, the most notable of which is more safety.
Your porch is vulnerable to weather changes, like sleet, rain, or even a hint of morning dew, and can turn your porch surface into a potential accident zone.
Adding sand to your paint addresses this issue head-on by creating an anti-slip surface – significantly reducing the risk of falls and mishaps.
Experts recommend silica sand, but any 6% sand mix works well. For a rougher texture, add more sand; for a subtler effect, reduce the sand quantity.
Mix the paint and sand very well using a stir stick. Use a paint roller to apply the sand-paint mixture for even, smooth coverage, and allow each layer to fully dry in between.