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Add Shelves To These 10 Unexpected Places For Extra Home Storage
1. Behind The Couch
The wall behind the sofa is usually kept blank or used to display artwork, so placing shelves in this area could make good use
of some of your wasted wall space.
These shelves can be built into the wall or hung above the sofa as long as there's enough space for people
to sit comfortably under them without hitting their heads on a shelf.
2. Around A Doorway
The space above and around a doorway is typically kept empty, and building shelves around this area will give you more storage space.
Installing shelves around a doorway will also transform your door into a portal to another room, which will give your home a unique and custom look.
3. Under A Staircase
Empty space below a staircase could be transformed into storage by adding shelves. Since stairs are typically pretty wide, the shelves you add in this area can be very deep.
You can store multiple items on each shelf under a staircase, and since the space below the staircase is usually cramped, it’s a great way to make the most out of this unused area.
4. On The Kitchen Island
While cabinets may be used underneath the kitchen island, you could also add open shelves around it to include more space for storing dishes, books, decorations, and other items.
To make these shelves appear integrated into your space, place them underneath a countertop lip that extends out further than the base of the island.
5. Next To Kitchen Cabinets
To give your kitchen a unique appearance and add more shelving than kitchens usually have, include small shelves on either side of your
kitchen cabinets.
Constructing these small shelves all the way to the kitchen ceiling will maximize your storage space and give you an area to display decorative items.