Walk-in closet shelves filled with shoes
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Add Space To Your Closet With TikTok's Genius Shoe Storage Solution
Instead of bulky shoe boxes or untidy closet shelving, store each pair of your shoes in its own cubby using the clear stackable shoe bins with doors that TikTok is raving about.
Amazon sells sets of 12 shoe organizers in large and XX-large for shoes up to size nine and 14 respectively, so you can buy as many as you need to store the shoes that you own.
Since the bins are clear, you can see your shoes to choose which ones you want to wear. You can also stack the bins in whichever order best fits your available closet space.
You can also store other closet items in these bins, like hats or scarves, or use them in your kitchen, garage, or living room to store toys, books, board games, and other items.