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Add Storage Around Your Home With These Dollar Tree Wine Holders
Dollar Tree Home Essentials wine bottle holders are large stackable bins designed to hold bottles safely on their side, but TikTokers have been finding many other uses for them.
On TikTok, @ashley_followtheblonde uses the bins to store pens and markers on a desk, shelf, or table. They can also hold paintbrushes, rolls of vinyl, or spools of ribbon or yarn.
Use them in the bathroom to store rolled towels, hair tools, makeup tubes, pencils, or brushes. In a closet, they can hold rolled socks, ballet flats, or headbands.
In the kitchen, use the holders to store water bottles on a counter or in a cupboard, and under the sink for rolls of foil, plastic wrap, parchment paper, or trash bags.
You can personalize your Dollar Tree wine storage bins by sanding, priming, and painting them. Alternatively, wrap them in decorative paper, fabric, or twine secured with hot glue.