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Add Stylish Lighting To Your Patio With This Dollar
Tree DIY Idea
With this stunning paper mâché lighting hack, TikToker @hometalk demonstrates how you can take full advantage of warm summer weather on your patio with friends and family.
All you need is a balloon, some decals, glue, tissue paper, and an LED candle — all of which you can get from Dollar Tree for only $1.25 per item.
Start by placing the balloon in a vase for stability and then covering it in layers of paper dipped in a glue and water mixture. Apply the decals in between the paper mâché layers.
Dollar Tree sells a variety of decals — for instance, the Main Street Wall Creations Acrylic Mirrored Wall Art in silver or the Main Street Wall Creations Gold Butterflies.
Instead of using white paper, you can try other colors. This should also change the light color emitted. Dollar Tree's Bright Colored Rainbow Tissue Paper comes in many colors.
After the paper mâché has dried, pop the balloon and place a Dollar Tree Luminessence Battery-Operated Ivory Wax LED Pillar Candle inside to finish your beautiful lighting piece.