A Japanese beetle feasting on a leaf.
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Add These Perennials To Your Garden To Keep Japanese Beetles At Bay
Japanese beetles are damaging pests that eat over 300 plants. Perennials such as larkspur, tansy,
and garlic can be used to surround the edges of the flowers you want to protect.
Larkspur is mildly toxic to people and pets, but it will keep Japanese beetles away. Their purple, blue, pink, and white cone-shaped blooms will also add color to your garden.
Tansy is a perennial herb that can also deter Japanese beetles because of its intense floral aroma. Tansy grows well with raspberries, which are a favorite of pests.
Growing garlic and chives, which is often grown as an annual crop but can also be grown as a perennial, will deter Japanese beetles because they don't care for either scent.