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Add Vintage Touches To Your Space With This Idea From Nate Berkus
HGTV star Nate Berkus recommends incorporating vintage lighting into your space because it’s a great way “to avoid trends and fill your home with pieces that will last a lifetime.”
From Victorian-looking table lamps to floor lamps that are sculptural works of art, vintage lighting can make your space pop and allow you to remain true to your personal style.
Not only can vintage lighting add a more inviting ambiance to a room, but Berkus says, "It brings a timeless element that you won't feel the need to replace in a few years".
First, consider the space. For a baby's nursery, you don’t need a brightly lit sconce but perhaps a soft table lamp. For a fabulous living room piece, try a vintage chandelier.
Finding authentic vintage lighting requires some legwork. There are a plethora of vintage-style items in many home décor stores, but finding true vintage lighting is trickier.
Berkus suggests trying antique shops, estate sales, eBay, Bidsquare, Facebook Marketplace, Habitat for Humanity Restores, or online retailers Preservation Station and Grand Light.