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Adding Extra Storage To Your Closet Is Easy With This Popular IKEA Series
If you have more clothes than your closet can handle, don’t panic. The IKEA Vihals series provides plenty of sleek storage options that are perfect for expanding your closet space.
You can choose one piece from the series, such as the four-drawer chest, or you can purchase a few different options to mix and match and build your own set.
For instance, the series' 10-shelf shelving unit pairs well with the larger shelving combination if you are looking to line a closet wall with extra shelves.
The coffee table and the bedside table also offer lots of storage shelving. They can handily double as closet storage and have wheels so you can easily move them around.
The series is garnering attention online. TikTok user @dejajanea shared her experience of unboxing and assembling the unit, which seemed the perfect size for her studio apartment.
Not only does she use hers to organize items that can’t go on hangers, but she’s also able to place the unit against her closet's back wall and shut her closet doors to conceal it.