Potted azaleas plant
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Adding This Gorgeous Flower To Your Garden May Be A Mistake
Despite being known for their gorgeous blooms and vibrant colors, azaleas are high-maintenance plants. Caring for them may often be highly strenuous, costly, and time-consuming.
Azaleas are highly susceptible to pests and diseases, managing and preventing which requires monitoring, sanitation, timely intervention, and using insecticides or fungicides.
They need acidic soil with a pH level between 4.5 and 6.0. Regular soil testing and adjustment are necessary to thrive, or they'll lack nutrients and become disease-prone.
Azaleas thrive in partial shade, but excessive exposure to direct sunlight can cause the leaves to wilt and scorch, leading to overall plant stress and reduced blooming.
Regular pruning for healthy growth can be arduous. Extra precautions are needed in winter as azaleas are not frost-tolerant and can suffer damage or even die in colder climates.