Bowl of fresh coffee grounds and whole coffee beans
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All The Benefits Of Sprinkling Coffee Grounds On Your Lawn
The next time you have a cup of joe, instead of simply discarding your coffee grounds, you can use them as an inexpensive, organic alternative to synthetic fertilizers.
Trial-and-error has found that brewed grounds work best, with or without caffeine, but even fresh coffee grounds can be used to feed your lawn approximately once
per week.
According to Burger Farm & Garden Center, coffee grounds are beneficial to plants that favor an acidic environment. This natural weed killer also prevents the growth of fungi.
Unlike synthetic lawn fertilizers, coffee grounds will not burn a lawn, leach nutrients and minerals from the soil, or contaminate nearby waterways due to ground runoff.
Coffee grounds provide soil with essential nutrients, and they’re also virtually pH neutral when rinsed, so applying them as a fertilizer will not negatively impact soil acidity.
The spent coffee is thought to be helpful to lawns where the soil is sandy or clay-filled, and it may even absorb harmful contaminants.
As the sod absorbs the coffee remnants, worms will consume the grounds and stimulate healthy soil since their droppings break up dirt and form air spaces, per Fresh Coffee House.