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All The Clever Ways You Can Reuse Brown Paper Bags Around The House
Add To Compost
If your bags are made from 100% paper, tear them into pieces and mix them into your compost bin. Paper is high in carbon, so keep an eye on your bin’s nitrogen levels.
Make Luminaries
Add a battery-operated light to your bag for a beautiful outdoor lantern that sits on the ground. Decorate it using patterns like dots, stars, or moons.
Wrap Gifts
Create eco-friendly wrapping paper by deconstructing paper bags and using the resulting panels to wrap gifts. Plus, you can customize it with doodles or decorations.
Start A Fire
Paper bags make a great fire starter. Simply shred them into small pieces, place them underneath the logs in your firepit, and then light them to get the fire roaring.
Make Sewing Patterns
Deconstruct your bag until you have flat panels, then trace or draw your desired pattern on the paper and cut it out. Store it somewhere safe for future use.