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All The Ways Aluminum Foil Can Keep Pests Out Of Your Home And Garden
According to pest control companies, mice hate the shiny texture of aluminum foil and will avoid walking on it due to the crinkling noises it creates. They won’t eat it either.
Place pieces of aluminum foil around all entry points, including doors, windows, and any crevices you can find, and mold the foil around areas mice might climb, such as pipes.
While not 100% effective against every bug, it’s thought that crawling insects dislike the foil’s reflective material. As such, it makes them less likely to eat your plants.
Hang small pieces of aluminum foil in tall plants and bushes, or crumble up a few sheets and mix them into your mulch to deter the pests. The method works best in natural sunlight.
Although fun to watch, crows tend to steal bird seed, destroy fruit and vegetable gardens, and bully smaller birds. Luckily, they have a well-known aversion to shiny objects.
Keep the pesky birds away from your plants by simply hanging pieces of aluminum foil around your garden. Periodically change the foils’ locations to keep the crows on their toes.