A beautifully edged lawn with flowers
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All You Need Is String To Seamlessly Edge Your Lawn
Per @dadadvicefrombo on TikTok, you can create a visual guide that will help you achieve a well-edged lawn by pulling a string taut across the area you wish to edge.
First, prepare the edge of your lawn by clearing any debris, rocks, or unwanted vegetation. This will ensure a smooth and even line that’s free from obstructions.
With a ruler or measuring tape, measure and mark how far from the edge of your lawn you want the edging line. Do so at regular intervals for consistency.
Tie one end of a sturdy string to a stake or anchor point at one end of the lawn. Stretch the string, pull it taut, and secure it at the other end.
Ensure the string is level and straight using the marked points along the lawn’s edge, which serve as your visual guide. Adjust the position so that they align.
Use a sharp edging tool and follow the string’s path, keeping the tool vertical. Refine the edge by removing any excess grass or soil with a garden rake or shovel.