Person watering a white orchid
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All You Need Is Water To Revive Your Dead Orchid Plants
YouTuber Classy Flowers claims you can bring an orchid back to life by placing it in a vase with moss and water. She regrew her Phalaenopsis orchid from two healthy roots and buds.
First, check the root ball thoroughly to see if there are any viable roots or buds. All a dead orchid needs is some pruning, water, and patience.
Start by cleaning the orchid: Remove all the dead mulch, rinse the roots, and pluck any leaves that feel loose. Then, trim every dead or damaged root with your garden scissors.
Once the orchid is trimmed, rinse it again to remove any extra dirt or clippings. Then, prep your vase by filling about one-eighth of the vase with osmosis water and peat moss.
After you place the moss inside the vase, put the orchid base on top of it. The moss helps prevent bacteria growth and gives the orchid the humidity it needs to grow strong.
Finally, leave the vase uncovered and in a sunny location. Water the moss when you notice the water is running low, and over a few weeks, you'll see new green spuds growing.