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Amenities The Property Brothers Say Are Worth Keeping Despite Their Downsides
During a home renovation, it’s easy to become unsure about which amenities to keep and which to toss, but "Property Brothers" Jonathan and Drew Scott have some insight to offer.
In an episode of their other show "Celebrity IOU," comedic and Emmy-winning actor Leslie Jordan has Hollywood producer friends whose home features a double-sided fireplace.
The brothers opt to remove the fireplace, as it interrupts the passage from the living area to the family room, but Jordan convinces them to keep the amenity for its cozy ambiance.
"[W]e could do a plaster application [...] just to make it feel updated, but still bring in a lot of wood tones just to make sure it feels warm and inviting," says Jonathan Scott.
They give the fireplace a modern Roman clay finish, add a wood accent wall in the adjoining dining room, and remove walls on both sides of the fireplace to allow natural light.