Corner of the drawing room with 18th century chest of drawers and mirror, Villa San Michele, previously owned by Axel Munthe, Anacapri, Capri, Campania, Italy.
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An Expert Explains The Best Way To Organize Your Dresser Drawers
Frequency Of Use
According to Stephanie Y. Deininger, a professional organizer and founder of The Organized Flamingo, "Dresser drawers that contain everyday items should have a little bit of wiggle room so you can easily take things in and out." Also, it's a good idea to label drawers containing seasonal or special items, so you can know what is inside the dresser.
Hone Your Folding Style
Folding your clothes, instead of shoving them in the drawer, will make a massive difference in the overall appearance of your dresser. You don't necessarily need to learn the KonMari method; experiment with a few folding techniques and figure out a style that is better suited to your dresser and that you can stick with for the long term.
Bring In Containers
Since you'll be using pieces and putting them back, it's easy for stuff to get shuffled around over time and create a mess inside the drawer; that's where containers and dividers come in. They keep drawers tidy and create a blueprint, so you'll always know where something is supposed to go.
Use Labels Effectively
Deininger suggests you can use labels to remind yourself where different items go so that you'll never forget the genius organization method you worked so hard on. "You can create a label that goes outside for easy view or inside it so you can only see it when you open the drawer," she adds.
Declutter Your Drawers
The more items you have to organize, the more challenging creating a long-term organizational system will be for you; that's why you need to declutter periodically. Just take everything out, and discard the items you don't use and don't want — it'll make your drawers more functional and save you some time.