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An Expert Shares The Difference Between Decorated And Curated Homes
If you’ve ever set out to decorate a room and ended up with less than magazine-worthy results, it may have been because you were simply decorating rather than curating.
Amy Lau, co-founder of Design Miami, says that curation “means using collections that complement the characteristics of each object” to create a refined space that’s unique to you.
It might sound complicated, but at its core, curating simply means selecting and organizing home furnishings so they meld together
with personality.
Keep a few ingredients in mind as you pick items that give your room a balanced look. That can mean adding to what you have or getting rid of things that don’t fit your vision.
Lau advises that “Mixing the type of furniture, textiles, illumination, and art with different textures and complementary tones is essential to creating a unique space.”
Keep textures, patterns, and colors that meld together in mind for your curated room. You can also take inspiration from magazines or Instagram decorating posts when you shop.