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An Expert Weighs In On Flooring Options That Aren't Worth The Price
Large-Format Tile
According to Jeff Thorman, host of Home RenoVision DIY, you have to consider where the flooring is being placed to decide if any prep work is worth the extra cost.
For example, older homes require preparation using floor-leveling compounds before large-format tile can be installed. This increases the costs, which might blow your budget.
Laminate Flooring
Jason Pietruszka of JJP Construction Inc. warns against the use of laminate in high-traffic homes due to its fragile, easily-damaged nature and costly replacement.
Additionally, the laminate planks can feel cold and rigid underfoot — especially in colder climates or during the winter. This creates a less inviting and comfortable atmosphere.
Waxing is essential for maintaining linoleum flooring. Adrian Pedraza, owner of The California Home Buyer, notes that the labor-intensive process isn’t worth the cost.
Solid Hardwood
While hardwood looks amazing, it needs to be refinished every few years and the stress over damaging it “become[s] a real hassle,” according to realtor Eric Bramlett.
Waterproof Tiling
Sealing tiles against water damage can be very expensive. As such, Pedraza recommends other waterproof options that are more affordable like porcelain or marble.