Martha Stewart on red carpet
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An Inside Look At All The Homes That Martha Stewart Owns
Childhood Home
Martha Stewart's 3-story Colonial-style New Jersey house is 1,922 sq. ft. and has 3 bedrooms. A fig tree she planted as a kid still stands on the property.
Cantitoe Corners
In 1999, Stewart purchased her 152-acre permanent estate in Katanoh, New York. The main house, also known as “Winter House,” has 12 bedrooms.
Stewart extended the kitchen and dining area, turned the barn into a project room, added a garage, and had the front of the home turned to face in a completely different direction.
Farm Estate
Cantitoe Corners also features a working farm with vegetation fields and areas for animals. It also has chicken coops, stables, grazing fields, and greenhouses.
Multiple Properties
Cantitoe Corners has multiple spaces, each serving a specific purpose. The “Summer House” is an original 1770 Colonial-style home featuring a lush garden.
The “Maple Avenue House” is a guest residence frequented by visitors and family members. Additionally, there is a tenant house, a cottage, barns, and a contemporary-style home.
An Inspiration
The natural beauty and farm-to-table approach at her farm inspired her country decor line, which embraces outdoor elements and pairs functionality with aesthetics.
Stewart drew inspiration for her farmhouse collection from the house's calming, neutral paint colors, pale wood tones, and upholstered pieces in soft cream, taupe, and beige.