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An Item From Your Pantry Will Keep Your Stinky Fridge
Smelling Fresh
Finding out the root cause of a smelly fridge could be tricky, but you can easily remove it by simply heading to your pantry and pulling out a bunch of tea bags.
Tea bags act as a pH neutralizer to acid-based smells in your refrigerator. Simply put, this chemical reaction allows tea bags to counteract the stench flooding your fridge.
First, dry out a few used tea bags and place two or three on a plate or in a small bowl. The amount of tea bags needed will depend on your fridge's size and the odor's intensity.
If tackling a specific stinky spot, position the tea bags as close to the spot as possible. Otherwise, spread the bags evenly across all the shelves, the drawers, and the bins.
You can also use loose tea leaves. Just place them in an open container inside your fridge, and they should absorb nasty odors almost immediately.
Depending on the severity of the stench, the tea will need to be changed out every two to three days. All tea can fight the odor, but scented ones may offer a more delicate aroma.