Male Rufous Hummingbird
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An Old Peanut Butter Jar Is The Secret To Attracting More Hummingbirds
Attracting hummingbirds to your yard is possible without burning a hole in your pocket. All you need is an empty peanut butter jar or any similar plastic jar for this DIY project.
You’ll also want wire and a soldering iron or scissors. Begin by making two holes in the middle of the lid and a few more around the edges to fit hummingbird beaks.
Cut the jar horizontally, leaving about 1½ inches attached to the base. Discard the top, clean and dry the jar and lid, then slide a wire through the middle holes to make a handle.
If the lid doesn't fit, make small slits on the bottom half's edge of the jar. Once it fits snugly inside, pour in the nectar, paint it red, and place it near bushes and trees.