Tomato plant support by trellis
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An Old Wire Hanger Is All You Need To Give Your Plants Added Support
When plants become top-heavy and their stems no longer support their weight, ensure their healthy growth by preventing them from breaking or snapping
using an old wire hanger.
This common closet item will work as an inventive trellis. Additionally, as your plant grows and fills in, you'll hardly notice the wire hanger, so it won't even be an eyesore.
Unwind the hanger, or snip it next to its neck to save time and protect your fingers, then straighten the wire out so it resembles a candy cane.
To support indoor plants, bend the wire hanger in half. You can straighten it from top to bottom to make things easier (including the curved neck) and then fold it in half.
Push the end of your stake all the way to the bottom of your plant so it's firmly in place. Next, tie your plant to the stake, but not too tightly.
To support vining plants, use your wire cutters to bend and shape your wire, creating a zigzag pattern. Stake it into your pot and wrap your plant around it for perfect support.