Woman working in a small home office
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An Organized Office Is Easy Thanks To IKEA's Popular Boaxel Piece
Keeping a home office clean and organized is difficult if you have a small space to work with. To make this task a breeze, use IKEA's Boaxel unit to set up your home office.
As shown by @itskaaybee on TikTok, the Boaxel unit fits in a small living space and helps store office materials on its various shelves, making a room look spacious and organized.
The Boaxel unit is a wall-mounted storage system and comes with wall uprights that allow you to adhere the shelving to your desired wall. To get started, measure your walls.
The IKEA unit is 73 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 79 inches tall, so pick an appropriate wall. Be mindful of how much weight your wall can support, and don't overload the unit.
It’s also recommended to have two people assemble the Boaxel unit. You can customize the piece by opting for a larger or smaller version of it, depending on your space.