Woman applying wall paper to wall
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An Unexpected Wallpaper Hack Is Sitting In Your Kitchen Drawer
To turn rooms with old wallpaper or outdated paint jobs into vintage-looking, futuristic, or even ultra-modern spaces, all you need to do is grab some aluminum foil.
Aluminum foil's versatility in the kitchen extends to home décor, specifically wallpaper. It can add texture, light, and some extra glamor to your walls.
All you’ll need for this project is wallpaper paste, foil, and a tool to smooth the foil down. Just make sure you have enough foil on hand for your project.
Apply an even layer of wallpaper paste to the area you’re covering, and then cover the area with a single layer of aluminum foil.
It helps to cut the aluminum foil to the appropriate length beforehand. Once placed, smooth the aluminum foil down with the palm of your hand or a smoothing tool.
If you want a sleek look, you're all done. If you want a more vintage look or crinkled texture effect, roll the foil into balls before smoothing them out and applying.