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Apple Cider Vinegar Is The Secret To A Thriving Garden
Apple cider vinegar has benefits that range from fertilizing your plants to making the soil more acidic, making photosynthesis more efficient, and deterring pests.
Natural fertilizers made with apple cider vinegar work best for plants that prefer acidic growing conditions. You can even use ACV to make the soil more acidic for these plants.
You can create a homemade plant fertilizer, or simply wipe down the plant leaves with a diluted ACV solution to clean dirt build-up and make photosynthesis more efficient.
To deter insects and garden pests, make your own apple cider vinegar pesticide by mixing equal parts of the vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spraying it around your plants.
Finally, you can use apple cider vinegar to clean your garden tools. Spray it directly on your rusty garden tools and simply scrub the rust away.