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Are China Cabinets Outdated?
Although china cabinets first came about in 17th century England to show off Queen Mary's ceramic collection, they are not considered outdated and give your home a traditional, tasteful feel. China cabinets add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a room, and in addition to storing dishes, you can show off art, books, and other valuables.
While you can opt to buy a china cabinet with a modern design, you can also transform a dated one to match your contemporary home. You can track one down at a second-hand shop or antique market and give it a good coat of paint while making it as subtle or as eye-catching as you'd like.
You can also use wallpaper to give your old china cabinet a new look by pasting it onto the back section of the wooden display case. If you feel like your piece needs a little more transformative TLC, then you can add the wallpaper to an already-painted cabinet to create the perfect place for your special dishes.