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Are Dekton Countertops Really Better Than Mainstream Materials?
Dekton countertops have emerged as a compelling alternative to traditional materials, combining durability and easy maintenance with
an extensive range of customization options.
These countertops are made from over 20 different minerals that are technologically bonded to create a robust and nonporous surface that resists stains, scratches, water, and heat.
Notably, Dekton can withstand temperatures up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit — far exceeding quartz's 150-degree limit — making it particularly suitable for hot kitchen environments.
These countertops also require minimal maintenance, needing only mild soap and water for daily cleaning, and they don't necessitate the periodic sealing that other materials might.
Cost-wise, Dekton is on the higher end among countertop options, typically ranging between $80 and $150 per square foot, which puts it on par with quartz in terms of price.
However, its longevity, aesthetic appeal, and minimal upkeep rival more expensive natural stone options, making Dekton an excellent choice for those considering
new countertops.