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Are IKEA Kitchen Appliances Really Worth The Money?
Per Consumer Reports, IKEA's French-door Överskådlig refrigerator has good thermostat control, but its high price and standard efficiency make it score average overall.
IKEA's other model, the Stjärnstatus, has complaints from customers on IKEA's website centered around this appliance not working properly or breaking easily.
IKEA's Lagan and Medelnivå range hood microwaves both get good ratings from Consumer Reports, ranking third and fifth overall behind two Whirlpool models.
IKEA’s Lagan dishwasher’s Consumer Reports rating has remained steadfastly not recommended. It was given a poor score for noise reduction and leaking.
However, of the Consumer Reports top ten, the Essentiell dishwasher ranks fifth. On the retailer's website, it has received over four out of five stars by customers.
IKEA’s Lagan range is well-rated by buyers, who call it a simple appliance that comes at a great price. However, Consumer Reports gave its glass cooktop option a poor rating.
The brand’s induction range, the Tvärsäker, is recommended by Consumer Reports with an above-average score in all categories. Customers say it works well and heats dishes evenly.
The Grundlägga model is also recommended by Consumer Reports. On IKEA’s website, many praised it for looking and working great, but say customer service for it can be difficult.
Wine Fridge
IKEA’s Numrerad wine cooler is incredibly versatile, made from stainless steel, and has a 52-bottle capacity. However, it is over $100 more than other models.
The Numrerad has limited reviews on IKEA’s website, but the few that do exist praise the appliance for looking great and working well.