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Are Target's Popular Wool Dryer Balls Worth It? Here's What We Think
Testing Target’s Popular Wool Dryer Balls
Dryer balls claim to do a lot of things, such as reducing static, drying length, and wrinkles while also softening clothes, among other benefits.
TikTok user @malloryhudsonxo suggests the Everspring Wool Dryer Balls from Target help get her clothes dry in one dryer cycle. We decided to put the laundry balls to the test.
How We Tested Our Laundry Balls
To begin our test, we gathered three loads of laundry roughly the same size, our Target wool dryer balls, and a dry towel. Wool specifically will repel static and soften fabrics.
The first load was to see how long the laundry would take to dry. The second used the dryer balls, and the third saw if adding a dry towel to wet laundry would make a difference.
Three Loads, Three Methods
The first test load ran as expected. It took between 50 and 55 minutes to become fully dry. We added nothing and it came out wrinkly and full of static.
In the second load, we tossed in all three dryer balls, per the instructions. After 40 minutes had passed, the load was done and had less static and fewer wrinkles.
We added a towel to the third load at the suggestion of TikTok comments that said a towel could be used instead of dryer balls. At the 40-minute mark, the load was mostly dry.
Our Honest Opinion Of The Wool Dryer Balls
Using the dryer balls resulted in a better outcome for time and wrinkle reduction. We decided to try using essential oils on the balls, which resulted in the load smelling nice.
If you want to save money, the dry towel trick works to speed up drying time, but won’t remove wrinkles or static. It may also be more environmentally friendly.
Many dryer balls, like Everspring’s, are eco-conscious and may last up to 1,000 loads with proper use. We recommend these to anyone trying to move away from single-use products.