Striking orange and black Monarch butterflies climbing along perennial milkweed flower blooms in search of nectar
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Attract Birds And Butterflies To Your Garden With This Inexpensive DIY
TikTok user @wildchild93x shows how to build a bug-friendly water dish that’ll attract both birds and butterflies to your garden, using a few items from your local dollar store.
You'll need a plate, decorative glass beads, and a plastic hanging planter. First, add as many glass beads as you can to a plate in order to create a layer about two beads thick.
Set the plate over the opening of your hanging planter, and hang your planter where you want it in the garden. Add water to the dish, leaving some of the glass beads exposed.
Refill the water dish every time you step outdoors to water your garden, and be sure to drain and rinse the beads every two to three days before adding fresh water.