A hummingbird in flight
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Attract Birds To Your Yard This Winter With This Colorful Perennial
To attract birds to your yard during the colder months, consider planting the vibrant black-eyed Susan, a perennial that blooms from summer to early fall.
This plant not only adds a splash of color to your garden with its bright yellow petals and brown center but also serves as a crucial food source for birds during winter.
The seeds from the spent flowers are appealing to birds, especially non-migratory ones, offering protein and fat that they usually get from insects and fruit in the warmer months.
Postpone pruning your Susans until spring, allowing the seed heads to remain on the stems over winter. This will provide your feathered friends with a natural feeding source.
You can also collect the seeds in the fall, dry and store them, and use them as bird food all year round, ensuring your garden remains a safe haven for birds, even in winter.