Brown and white feathered bird in flight
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Attract Birds To Your Yard With These Two Understory Trees
When it comes to attracting birds, dwarf red buckeyes and pagoda dogwoods are two understory trees in particular that you should consider adding to
your backyard.
Understory trees do best beneath larger trees and don’t need much sunlight. They stay smaller, too, making them ideal for small gardens or gardens with a variety of taller trees.
In the summer, hummingbirds love sipping nectar from the bright pink and yellow tubular flowers that blossom from the dwarf red buckeye, also known as bottlebrush buckeye.
Pagoda dogwoods, on the other hand, provide plenty of safe spots for birds to perch and nest, thanks to their bushy blooms, tiered branches, and voluminous leaves.
Birds enjoy not only the nectar this understory tree offers but its dark blue berries as well, which appear after its flowers blossom in spring and summer.