House hunters often look for a grand kitchen with features that enhance its personality, such as beautiful backsplash, which acts like a magnet in drawing buyers to a property.
Not simply an attractive protective barrier behind the cooking space, a backsplash can also extend to cover all exposed walls between the countertop and the upper cabinets.
A backsplash is a simple upgrade and, coupled with luxurious kitchen cabinets, it can brighten up the space with hues and patterns to create a striking focal point in the kitchen.
HomeLight says that kitchen backsplash installations will be one of the most important updates for property sellers this year, as they vastly improve the visual appeal of the room.
For a DIYer, installing a new backsplash is fun and adds value to the home. First, remove the old backsplash tiles and install new ones, being careful to avoid wiring and pipes.
You’ll need a tile-cutter — Fix This Build says a snap cutter is best for straight edges. Apply the adhesive according to the instructions and place the tiles using spacers.
Add the grout and remove any debris from the tiles. Apply sealant to the outer edges, and you’ll soon be ready to show off your stylish new backsplash to potential buyers.