Red male cardinal with seed in its beak perched on a bird feeder
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When selecting the best bird feeder for cardinals, keep in mind that they are primarily ground feeders who prefer to dine on flat surfaces or perches rather than hanging feeders.
Platform feeders are the best choice since they feature a level surface for cardinals to easily perch and feed, mimicking their natural environment.
Your platform feeder should have ample space and sturdy construction that allows birds to comfortably access food with a clear view of their surroundings for enhanced safety.
A second best option is a hopper feeder with a reservoir that holds a generous amount of seed and gradually dispenses it into a tray or feeding area.
Cardinals love hopper feeders because they offer protection from the elements and predators, but it’s best to get one with broad perches to accommodate the birds' size.
Tube feeders can also be good, especially if they have prominent perches and wide openings. Cardinals have strong beaks, and sturdy feeders will withstand their feeding activities.
The best seeds to attract cardinals include large seeds such as sunflower and white milo seeds, as well as safflower seeds which deter squirrels due to their bitter taste.