Birds flocking to multi-tiered feeder
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Attract More Birds To Your Garden With One Of These Top Bird Feeders
Woodlink Absolute II
This iron feeder has a waterproof coating, a hinged roof for easy filling, and a customizable and weight-adjustable perch for the birds you want to attract.
Brome Squirrel Buster
This narrow option is perfect for hanging or mounting to a pole. It features a perch that shuts off access to the seed when something too heavy approaches.
The plastic, chew-resistant feeder also comes with two perch options. The first attracts small- and medium-sized birds, while the second is designed for cardinals.
Droll Yankee Flipper
Featuring a motorized perch that spins when it detects a squirrel, this sturdy feeder deters crafty critters while providing a comfortable spot for your birds.
Perky-Pet Max
This compact, easy-to-refill feeder features the brand’s trademarked Flexports, which prevent seeds from spilling and allow birds to feed comfortably.
Bird's Choice NP431
This feeder has a baffle to prevent critters from reaching the perches, a weather guard to keep it dry, and four branches to suit a range of birds.