birds playing in bird bath
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Attract More Birds To Your Yard With These Brilliant DIY Water Features
Build a budget bird waterfall with a kiddie pool, pond liner, and some rocks, and the sound of moving water will attract birds into your garden for a drink and a bath.
Create a small pond in a barrel for your birds to play in. Weigh it down by putting rocks in the bottom, and add a place for them to perch or escape the water if they fall in.
Birds will love this rain arch’s trickling water and bathing pond. Use a pond liner or small plastic pool as a base, and add rocks for them to perch on or get out of the water.
Turn an ornate planter without drainage holes, a flat rock, a pond basket, and a pump into a water feature with a mini fountain that birds will have fun playing and bathing in.
Create this island getaway bird bath to shelter birds while they bathe from a terracotta base, rocks, a wood round, a terracotta house, a pump, and some natural decorations.