A hummingbird perched on a twig
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Attract More Birds To Your Yard With This Egg Carton Hack
Before you throw away an empty egg carton, transform it into a buffet for the birds visiting your yard by using it
as a bird feeder.
The carton’s wide surface makes it easy for several birds to visit the feeder at the same time. More space at the feeder means less competition for food.
There’s plenty of room for birds to perch on the egg carton, and its separate compartments make it possible to offer different types of food which will attract different birds.
Birds will love it because it’s like a platform feeder, which many birds prefer to a tube or a hopper style. This open container allows them to peck for their favorite foods.
Cut an egg carton in half and dispose of the lid. Use a pair of scissors or a knife to poke two holes in each end of the egg carton.
Make sure the holes aren’t too close to the edge of the carton so they won’t tear. Your feeder should be sturdy enough to hold a few cups of birdseed and several birds.
Once you’ve created the holes, thread a long piece of string or twine at each end. Use a fishing line to prevent ants and pests from reaching the food in the feeder.
Tie the lines in a knot at each end of the egg carton and join them together in one knot over the feeder. Fill the feeder with the preferred foods of the birds you want to attract.