A crow perched on a branch
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Attract More Crows To Your Garden By Adding These Plants
While crows are sometimes viewed as problematic due to their diverse diet, they also play a beneficial role in controlling pests like corn borers and those that
plague sunflowers.
To attract crows to your garden, consider planting fruit trees, particularly apple and cherry trees, which provide both fruits and seeds — key components of their diet.
For the best results, opt for smaller apple varieties that ripen early, and consider leaving some fruit on the trees — or even dedicating an entire tree — for the birds to enjoy.
Crows typically build their nests about 60 feet above the ground, so tall trees like conifers or deciduous varieties are crucial because they provide shelter and nesting sites.
Additionally, they prefer to eat off the ground. Thus, planting corn and sunflowers is ideal, as these plants readily drop seeds and other edible parts perfect for ground foraging.
Moreover, berry-producing bushes not only supply a steady stream of food from spring through fall but also serve as potential nesting sites in areas where taller trees are scarce.
To enjoy the presence of crows without risking your entire garden, consider growing these plants in a specific section of your garden, away from other crops you wish to protect.