Male Rufous hummingbird perching  and showing off his beautiful gorget
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Attract More Hummingbirds Easily With This Genius Tip
Hopeful birdwatchers everywhere face the dilemma of how to attract hummingbirds without also enticing bees. Tying a red ribbon to your hummingbird feeder is one possible solution.
Hummingbirds are attracted to the color red, so if your feeder is not already painted this color, adding a red ribbon or fake red flowers can invite more of the birds to visit.
However, Penn State Extension advises against filling your feeder with a red-colored solution. For best results, use simple syrup, clean regularly, and place the feeder near trees.
Adding a red ribbon won’t attract bees, as they can’t see the color red. To further prevent them from joining the feast, buy a feeder with narrow tubes and avoid the color yellow.